About Us

A thoughtfully assembled team equipped with extensive knowledge of the industry and real-world experience. Integrity, commitment and can-do attitude are our hallmarks.

Company History

Founded in 1983, we are a company of over 20 professionals serving a gamut of industries across the country. We advise and support global companies that occupy forefront positions in their respective fields.

Business leaders and companies come to us because they know we offer the knowledge, insight, and guidance they need to move forward. Our consultants deliver world-class, comprehensive analysis that allow clients to make empowered decisions. We convert those decisions into pragmatic solutions to deliver sustainable results.

Whether it's an internet provider seeking new revenue sources in a saturated industry; a landscape maintenance company evaluating its strategy in the face of a seasonal revenue cliff; or a property management company expanding in an unknown market, our clients rely on Catalyst to help them meet their toughest challenges.


“Our team pulls together to confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions. Each and every recommendation is based on facts rather than assumptions.”

Core Principles

Every client has a unique set of needs; every project varies in its nature. Our basic principles do not change, however. They are a constant that provide continuity to our team and our services.


Each challenge is confronted head-on without preconceived notions and our guidance is always based on fact rather than assumptions.


We bring deep industry expertise to each client we serve that's gained directly from submerging ourselves in what makes each industry move.


Every proposed solution is backed by a combination of in-depth research and intensive analysis aimed at solving unique challenges.


Our performance is directly tied to our clients' success. We center tangible goals around key performance metrics and long-term results.


We pair our clients with those team members who possess industry-specific expertise and experience that equips them to understand the client’s particular challenges and opportunities.

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